KaoKao Import Radials


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Here are 4 Imported radial pin cues from a series I have been offering for some time now.
These are not suppose to be interchangeable with Unilock Radials!
These are prototypes manufactured by Kao Kao with no logo.
Shafts are clean white maple 13+mm.
Generally the hit is on the stiff side.
They have black/white double pressed linen wraps.

These are NOS.
They have been here for a few years and have had ample opportunity to stabilize.
All cues in a box of 25 are not equal.
I do hand select for you from available stock. I promise you will get a sweet one. :wink:
If you check my ITrader you will see that they have been well spoken of by the members who have tried them.

I have played with one from this series myself for the last two years and luv it.
There are also some other models still available 7 in total.

You can get your choice of these 4 that I have on hand with joint protector for $110 delivered/insured USA.
I do take paypal
You can buy all 4 for a great discounted price plus save on shipping. :idea2:
Please PM if interested in one or all.
More closeup photos to follow. :cool:
4035.jpg 1

4043.jpg 2

4055.jpg 3

4066.jpg 4
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I really only care about the looks of the shaft. The first picture with the shaft in it looks good. I will take one if there are no sugar or grain marks within 10 inches of the ferrel. I need a 19 or 19 1/2, or is the weight ajustable? Give me a price on all 4 also. If you have anything else with clean white maple shafts i would be interested in looking at them. Thanks,Billy.

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these cues are very good for asian cues!! I have sold also these cues in the past, and I had never complains!!! and the shafts are good and plays good!!


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what do you have left?

i would like to buy cue number 2, the one with the 3 hi and 3 low points, please let me know asap if that is still available
thanks, german


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Up to the top

I have all 4 of them back in hand ready to ship. :thumbup2:
Please PM if interested.