Kozoom Challenge - New Matches 9/21

bud green

Dolley and Django
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Looks like Kozoom has started uploading more of the Kozoom Challenge matches on Youtube. Interesting to see two out of three players using what looks like carbon fiber shafts in the match I linked below. Blomdahl on commentary is ALWAYS worth listening to.



AzB Silver Member
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Agreed: blomdahl is the best commentator I have ever heard.

For a man of his professional history to have the communication skills he does is quite surprising to me from afar, of course.

Not only is his communication style very easy going and not offensive, he has quite an extensive knowledge of varied subjects and as an expert, he seems very able to understand his listeners are (comparative) beginners and remains fine with that.

Oh, and here's the kicker.. you email/ twitter him a question and he answers in the same language he gets it in. On the live stream!

That's one bad dude.