Late head ball roll off???


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I was waiting for my break on my table, and my opponent put the rack in place and walked away from the foot of the table.

I guess around 20 seconds or so had passed, and as I set up for the break, the head ball rolled forward noticeably.

Usually if it occurs, it happens immediately, so we both were startled and looked at each other, and briefly discussed whether a poltergeist was in the room. It was a little freaky, and neither of us had seen that happen so late.

The head ball was on the spot, and the spot is maybe two years old, but not pitted in any obvious way. The table racks well, with no apparent head ball roll off problems when racking.

Have you seen such a late roll off? What could cause it? (There is a ceiling fan that's on all the time, but it's toward the head of the table and not set to gale force strength.)


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It's a Pro-Am Diamond table, very level, and it occurred in the evening when there would be no trucks in the community to vibrate the table. I guess there was a small chalk fragment that finally crumbled, since I've seen that make balls move late for no other apparent reason.


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IMHO it is The Fates and they are aware of your postings in NPR section. :eek: They are not particularly happy with your views and they plan to make you pay until you drink a glass of common sense :thumbup:


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Same thing, different scenario, about 3 weeks ago.

I hung a ball riiiight on the lip of the pocket. I stood there for almost 10 seconds, then walked the length of the table and about 10 more feet, climbed up on the barstool and sat down. My opponent put his drink down, made a comment to me, then started walking toward the table- and the ball fell.

It was a ridiculous amount of time for it to finally decide to fall.

fwiw it was a pro-Diamond table too, but I'm not saying that's a cause.


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Something causes the ball to move. It moved when you were getting ready to break, I'd say the force of you putting your hand on the cloth, moving the cueball around, bumping into the table maybe, caused the ball to move. It was probably on the cusp of rolling forward already, just needed a tiny bit of a nudge.


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It's best that you never accept a rack (whether you racked it or your opponent did) that's more than a minute old.

Balls roll off all the time. People walk by tables, anything can happen and you might not be able to see a change in the rack.

If my opponent decides he has to go to the washroom before I break I wait till he's back before I rack or get him to re-rack when he comes back depending on the rules.