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Ok guys, so here's the deal. I have some layered pigskin tips that I love. They are 14mm. Hardness is rated at medium.

I can't speak for if you will like them, I'm not manufacturing them so what they are is what they are.

I love these things, you may also, but ... you may not. If you want to take a chance and try them, so long as you are in the USA (so shipping isn't a ton of money) give me 4 bucks for the first one, and 3 bucks for each additional one. I'll cover the shipping. Try them and see what you think.

Who knows, you may like them as much as me. I used to buy these 3 at a time but now I can only get them 50 at a time. I liked them so much I went for buying the 50. I sure won't use all them. These are tips I came across from Taiwan, don't laugh, they're nice.

If there is any interest in them, I'll buy another batch or two. One thing for certain, this isn't gonna break the bank for you, and I won't be retiring to the lap of luxury selling them if anyone wants to try them. :thumbup:

PM me your mailing info if you're interested and I'll PM you my Paypal.


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