Lexington KY


Banger McCue
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I've got to go to KY on Monday. Starting the week in Lexington, don't know where I'll end up.

I'd like to play some while I'm there.

Can any of you offer up some good laces to play in Lexington/Louisville?

I'll be in the state all week, hopefully coming back home on Friday.

If you'd like to shoot, or have a suggestion on a good room to check out drop me a PM or respond ing the thread..




Camargo Red Cues
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Lex town

Not much of a choice in lex now ,Silver cue is about it by eastland bowling alley .Mon or tues i think you can play all day for $8 .Open at 3 till 2 am ,Tables are ok ,pockets are a lil funny tho .Food is good.Tues is apa 9ball leauge at 7 .i think im playing tues say hey if you see me .now L-ville is a differnt story . Louisville billiard club ,bardstown rd .4 9 ft tables diamonds and a bunch of diamond boxs, then diamond billiards ,its close to st mathews mall 2 9 footers (D) about 8 boxs nice spot ,bank shot billiards 10 9 foot diamonds ,in an old bank the vault is like a lounge area ,cold sandwichs ,soda ,beer, nice spot these 3 area all nice . Bill


AzB Silver Member
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I spent a couple weeks near Lexington -- Silver Cue is as reported. Not a bad place, and is a bit more serious about pool. Best Place I found. The mall down by the basketball arena -- Yesterday's -- is a great place to be social and hit a few balls. Nice location with good food and beverage. Silver cue has nice food and bev.

Louisville has been mentioned and I agree with the above. I like Bank Shot the most.