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  • DelaWho???
    It has came to my attention that you replied to one of my threads and I must reply with three Walk On Song choices for you.Hope these 3 song choices keep you grooving but of course you can always select your own choice for a Walk On Song !
    Did you see ChicagoRJ's posts? He refers to OWS as Flea Party at the bottom of his posts. Not asking you to do anything, just letting you know that others engage in derogatory language as well. No excuse for my behavior but it's out there and sometimes I let it get to me.
    My older brother keeps an herb garden....just a couple of plants.
    "They" (You know who) keep telling him...."Dancing Rabbit....this is against the law." Then they pull them up...Then Dancing Rabbit replants till the next visit....He's a trip....He was the first hippie in Mobile and probably the oldest now.
    Thanks for the comment and approval on the animal control thread. I know a lot of people are offended by saying that it is up to someone being a responsible owner....but it is the truth. We can blame a breed all day but until we take action for our own faults as well the same old things will keep on happening. Thanks again bro....appreciate the support on the subject.
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