List of Pool Halls in Canada (looking for)


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Does anyone have a current list of rooms still open in this great country?

If not can we start to make one??? Also stores where you can buy billiard products.


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Regina, Sask.

Nick's Pool Hall.

The Broken Rack. I don't consider this to be much of a pool hall Don. Just a noisy kids bar with lots of broken tables.

All of our halls dropped like flies at almost the same time. we are down to one and its looking a bit iffy for the future as well.

I can give you the address or its on line.

Goulds Billiards. Regina and Saskatoon. The cough, cough, repair guy at Gould's in Regina is a good source of repair work for myself, on occasion.

Dave will see this and give you a list from Saskatoon. They still have a couple of decent ones there.
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I think most pool hall sells a bit of this and that. Some sells a lot of different product from cues to training product while some just sells very few cues... Problem about cues/shafts sales in pool hall is that there is rarely demo for you to try out. If you can't try it out and you're not in a rush to buy it, there is really no reason for you to purchase a new cues/shafts in the pool hall.