Litte Random Stats from the recent US Bar Table Championships


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Here are some cool little factoid stats from the 19th US Bar Table Championships which concluded last Sunday in Reno at the Grand Sierra Resort. I'll have the event media gallery up tomorrow afternoon on site.

Including the following events: Open / Men's 10-Ball, 9-Ball and 8-Ball; Women's 10-Ball, 9-Ball and 8-Ball and the WorldPPA tournament.

Entrants: 581

Forfeits: Open 8B (21) / Open 10B (1) / Open 9B (6)
there were no forfeits in any of the Women's divisions and (8) in the WPPA.

Total Matches:1,107 played

Over time matches stats:

Open 10-Ball: 14% OT (90 minutes scheduled / race to 7 / ave. match time 68 minutes)
Open 8-Ball: 13% OT (90 minutes scheduled / race to 5 / ave. match time 71 minutes)
Open 9-Ball: 25% OT (also 90 minutes scheduled / race to 9 / ave. match time 60 minutes)
Women's 10-Ball: 0% OT (105 minutes scheduled / race to 5 / ave. match time 66 minutes)
Women's 8-Ball: 27% OT (90 minutes scheduled / race to 4 / ave. match time 56 minutes)
Women's 9-Ball: 35% OT (90 minutes scheduled / race to 7 / ave. match time 81 minutes)


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Thanks for the stats and the great tournament. Would love to see the 8 ball race lengthened to 7 games instead of 5. Other than that it was perfect.
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Agreed, great stats!

If this is where we list our wish list, here are a few:

- Run the order 9-ball, 10-ball, 8-ball (Selfish, but then I'd come and play in the 10 and 8-ball)
- Disallow Magic Racks for Barbox 9-ball
- Make 9-ball Call Pocket
- No game should be won or lost on the break (9-ball break)



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No game winners on the break.
No slop.
I did like watching the magic rack on the 8ball games. Otherwise i dislike it :(

Love the event, watched it everyday on TAR. Someday i'll play good enough to make the trip :)