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  • Holly, Happy Birthday to one of my favorite pool peeps! Light, peace, and love from me to you!

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    Ask Mark Griffin who I am.

    Holly! This is David Smith. How are you??? Congratulations on your recent success on the table! I'll tell all my friends I gave you lesson's years ago in Pennsylvania, lol. I'd like to know if you, and CSI are interested in using tapped tables in future events, since I invented the racking template/tapping mat used on the Euro Tour for years now and the GB9 tour in Great Britain. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about since it is the only system mentioned in the WPA rules, and that was what I was in Valley Forge promoting the last time we saw each other I think. It is good to know you are doing well. Talk later...
    Hows it going? Was trying to find somone to talk to, to see about last minute entries into the 9 and 8 ball mens and womens tournaments at the USBTC. Can have them in early on the 22nd. If at all possible please contact my email at jaywog69@gmail.com or telephone number 2082060892. Plane tickets are booked, the original entries didnt fax through!
    Holly please email me the list of participants. For each event already paid.

    Did you speak to my brother in regards to the qualifier in Olathe? The details need to need nailed down and I know that Dan would to HOST the event. The details of what happens to the qualifiers is a point of concern? What do they qualify for? Please use my brother for your P O C. I am in St Louis and he is next to Dan on a daily basis. I would love to travel out to Olathe for one of your events. Besides I have free room and board, just have to pay for my food and beer at Shooters.
    Can you provide me with the list of particpants of each event so that I can determine if I want to stake a player or two for this event??? Thanks
    Some Clarification about Reno, NV Events

    I think your "click me here" link is double linked with a http before your link taking it nowhere.
    Cheers, Mark
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