Longest use of a cue?


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Hey folks. As some of you know, I just got a nice Scruggs cue off of Mr. Donald A. Purdy. So far I've only been sitting around staring at it (so much work to do on my vacation!), but I played with it the night he showed it to me and love the feel.

I generally take really good care of my things and hope to have this cue for a very, very long time.

That idea sparked a little curiosity in me: what's the longest you (or someone you know?) has played with the same cue? If you play, say, 12 hours a week with a cue, and clean it often (with those Q smooth papers or a high-grit sandpaper), how many years til you need to get new shafts? Anyone use the same primary cue for, say, 20 years?

Just wondering...


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A guy on my pool team has been playing since he was a kid...probably 57 now. He shoots with an Original by Palmer that he bought back in the day and has been shooting with it since he got it. Of course he is mainly a bar player so he only woule use it 2 or 3 hours a night, but expand that over 30+ years and it has seen its share of use. Too many nights of it sitting in the trunk on winter/summer nights has made the wood expand at the wrap and joints but still plays straight.


Toby, I met a gentleman at Bill and Billy's who was playing with a Rambow that his dad bought for him when he was 15. That was in 1955. Plays every day. Forget the sand paper. Next time we get together, I will seal the wood and burnish it for ya, part of the deal. All ya got to after that is wipe it off with a damp paper towel and dry.
Don P.


I've been playing with the same McDermott RS-2 for the last 10 years, and don't plan to quit anytime soon.


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Bill Stack played with his original Balabushka for over 30 years. I was lucky enough to play with it when I wanted for 10 years.


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Ive been playong with the cue Barry Szamboti made for me when he first started making cues,,,,,,,,,,,,,I beleive its his 35th cue he made.


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Ok i have a cue mabye some peple know and some might not .I have a old mag 5 brunwick cue made by joss backin the mid 90's


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I had the pleasure of playing with a friend of mine's Joss- if I recall correctly, he said it was born in 1968.

I played with it on and off for about a year, and while it did bring us a couple of thousand, I am told that the cue has won about $500k.

Not as old as some, but definitely a winner!



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Just sold my Rambow to a good friend...I had it for 20 years...the guy I got it from bought it from Rambow in the 50's!!!
still had one straight original shaft.
Also, sold my 1972 Joss about two years ago.

I still play with my Kersenbrocks..made for me in 1976 and still are straight and I have never used an abrasive
on any shaft.


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My father has had the same Joss since 75 or so with original shafts.. I am sure his cue has seen as much action if not more then most cues.

He did have a shaft made a few years ago just for 3-Cushion Billiards.

I, Myself, Have not had a cue for more than 3-5 years.


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I played with a Huebler for 20 years (I named it Sara), had it longer than any of my 4 wives ... Longest wife only lasted 14 years ... <grin>