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  • Oh, Bill, I just read the news of your passing. Words cannot express how sad I am this morning. You were always my ray of sunshine on this forum. We both were given that same gift of family. Save me a seat on the rail in heaven. I love you, man.
    Back atcha, Bill! How's it going? I hope your back is better. We're just hanging, nothing exciting on our end. Just paying taxes and trying to survive. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, Bill!
    Good to see you man, I hope your doing good and feeling well. I havent seen much of you in a long time and was worried.

    best regards and Happy Christmas,

    Bill, you are always tops in my book. I sure hope I can get down there to Beautiful Dixie and meet you someday. You are good people. Please take good care of yourself. When I get there, you're going to have to show Keith and me around. Keith will want to see the field of green, but me, I'll settle for a nice steak dinner at Reed Pierce's joint! MY TREAT! :grin-square:
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