Looking for 5/16x14 sneaky for bar play


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Looking at my options, need to keep it cheap but I don't want to bring my good cue to shitty cramped bar rooms for traveling leagues.

Need 5/16x14 so I can switch shafts if needed. Must be 15.0-15.5 oz butt no more no less.

Can be conversions of house cues not trying to be picky here, just need a good solid cue to bring to dingy places.

Yo man, sending you a text now.


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Trager Sneaky

I have a trager sneaky. 5/16x14 piloted, true sneaky, nice tall points.

13mm tip, moori medium. Perfect bar beater, but has more feed back and plays better than any cue at that price range. Very well balance and hits like bricks.

Not sure if butt is 15 oz, but I assume it would be close?, but it feels incredibly light overall (don't have a scale). I don't use it.


Blurry picture there (it's all the way on the left), can take more pictures at home later.
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