Looking for pool table mechanic

One option if you don't want such a specialist tool would be to buy a used starette one on ebay, then resell it back on ebay. They have a consistent resale value, so worst case you might lose $20 or 30 once you sell it back. That's what I was going to do, but I ended up keeping the level in case I ever had to re-level in the future.
The starette is a machinist level


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How much are they new. I'll be keeping it as well. But was hoping to find one in the $40 range. Maybe I'll look for a used one I mean there hard to bend
New Starrett 98-12 levels are $241

But, I've never paid more than $130 for a used one on Ebay. I have 6 total.

You will not likely find a used one for less than $75. Even then, you are taking a risk that it could be damaged. Also, you will likely need to calibrate any used level that you purchase.