Lost my Born-Again Billiards Virginity


The Boss Stooge
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Like so many of you, because of CV19 our pool activity has been little to nill... I don't think I've played against another human being for over a year.....

A buddy came over today and we played a good ~6 hours straight! I played absolutely awful (horribly out of practice)....but I didn't care, it felt soooo gooooood!!

That's all, I hope everyone has a great pool fulfilling weekend!


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Knew what was coming.
Got a 9 foot GCIII in March.
Had it set up by a friend, fellow competitor, that has a had a table business for years.
He did a great job.
One of the best tables I've ever played on.
Tight pockets, 4 1/4" diamond cut.
Great one pocket table.
My son is a player and moved back home when this thing began so I always have competition.
That being said, it is not he same as a poolroom.
I am dying to play tournaments again and match up with other players..