Lunda, Gorst - Calderon Take Buffalo's


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One pocket aficionados wait all year long for the biggest and most lucrative tournament of the year and this year’s event didn’t disappoint! Owners James Leone (“Buff”) and Joey Painter, General Manager Steve Tesvich (“Bullseye”) and their staff welcomed players, fans and the biggest stakehorses in the country to the 8th Annual Buffalo’s Pro Classic. Local sponsors added $31,000 to the event. They included Diamond Billiards, Aramith, Simonis, Lomax Custom Cues, Attorney Joseph P. Long, Savage Billiards and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX. Featuring three divisions – One Ball One Pocket, Pro One Pocket and Open 9 Ball – the event opened on Tuesday evening with a rousing Calcutta.

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