Mali Cue Identification


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Hello AZ,

Someone I know has a cue that he would like some information on. Not my cup of tea nor can I tell him anything. Simple stuff like approximate value, what year was it made, how many variations did they make of this model?

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I remember a friend having this cue in the early 90's, like 90-94...

It's possible it could've a earlier model even..

It seems all these older ones hold value at around 100+ depending on condition , new malis are now made in china


Roy Vadas

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I have this exact model. Its a 386-15. Bought mine first year they came out in 1992. Paid just under 250 for it with 2 shafts (ordered it from the pool hall at Ft Benning, Ga.) It reappeared in the next series after the 386, I believe 386/94 but was model #12 in that set.

Brochure calls it "Green stain with floating points and moroccan windows." Great stick that I still play with from time to time.

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