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Anybody here ever deal with Manning Cues? Are they good to work with? Can they modify a cue to your specs once you purchase it from them? Do they give good deals?



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Heath Manning is a Canadian out of southern Ontario, but his store depot is in the US. I have dealt with Heath on a number of occasions and he is top notch customer care. If you have any questions, the phone number on his site takes you to his cell, and typically he calls you back in an hour or two, if he doesn't pick up when you call.

I have bought Cases, Cues, and Accessories from him over the past 5 years.

He is also very knowledgeable and a great shot. check out some of his instruction videos on his site.

You should have no worries ordering from Heath.


Heath is great. I bought a Mezz cue from him a couple years ago. He went out of his way to contact me after I put in my cue order in on his site. I had specified my order with a 30" shaft (instead of the standard 29") which wasn't in-stock initially. He contacted me the next morning because he wanted to make sure I knew why it would take longer than expected and if there was any change needed for my order with that delay considered. I was blown away if I'm being honest. The lengths he went to make sure everything was satisfactory is rare in the pool world if you ask me.



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great customer service
would highly recommend
cant speak for his cue shaft modifications


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Anybody here ever deal with DCP? Are they good to work with??



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I ordered a diamond table from them a couple of weeks ago and I am waiting on delivery, The communications with them has been top notch and they answered all questions almost immediately. They were very upfront with the lead time for the table and made sure I understood it would be at least 10 week wait time.

So far I give them an A++


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As others have said, Heath is a top notch and stand up guy, I have purchased cues, accessories, 2 Diamond tables (first one had to sell it with the house, so ordered another one for new house). He went out of his way to make sure I was happy, he earned all of my pool business.