Match Of The Century-Orcollo v Van Boening (Nov 7-9),10ball Race to 120 (Sterling VA)


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Anyone know anything about Wu and long matches? Has he played any? When? Against whom? Results?

If you say race 100 or more in money matches, not many Taiwanese players have played them, but they beat it when they did.

Records mean nothing for those matches.

If it is about consistency, physical fitness and mental stamina, they all shoot pool more than ten hours straight everyday and at the gym the other few hours.

when we see them beating Shane or Shaw or anyone in this format, it will have been too late.

the fact that no one have been trying to take on Chang and Wu for some years now speak volume, it is similar with Shane, no one has tried to take on him in long 10ball races until Chang beat him and he beat Shaw.

the nature of those 2 matches are totally different than the Dennis Shane match though, more like exhibitions.

Hey bud , its been awhile.

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you, too. I have been busy with work and and family with second kid coming, but I have been lurking, pool and AzB are too additive to not being active.


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There is already something in place for "short" matches, it's called the US Open or the Intl.

Shane has a bunch of those trophies.

To me, the knowledge and ability to use it is what matters. This is my opinion about said knowledge and ability of SVB's 10 ball game compared to his competition's:

1. Seasoned players......the not so young guys........

They have the knowledge and experience just like SVB but, they just dont have a "GRINDING GEAR" that will "physically" dig as deep as SVB and none of these guys can "mentally" take the literal bombs for that length of time without caving.

It's simple, his game just "waits em out" with endurance. In those really long races, his break alone is brutal but, then they have to deal with his "rock solid" fundamentals that seem to hold up under pretty much anything that gets thrown at him. The man just don't shake.......kinda like Ole Efren didn't in his prime.

Shane seems to still be going strong as ever. I just wonder how many more years he will be able to keep his game at the upper most extreme levels compared to all other seasoned pros?

2. The young guns of today......only two or three that would actually have a chance........

Well, most them are able to "physically" GRIND with his game. After all, they are young. That's why they are called "young guns".

Having said that, I'm not sure any of the young guns have the knowledge base that SVB has built from years and years of experience. Their sharpshooter eyes can only make up for so much after someone has kept them in their seat rack after rack....break after break, only to get a shot several racks later and "have to" answer back or get even further behind.

At some point, in these really long races, fundamentals burned in through decades of repetitive movements may very well outweigh fundamentals of even the smoothest player with far less time on the table. After all, it would be hard to HAMB's at 20ish years old and I would almost be willing to bet that SVB has HAMB's while in competition at the highest levels and.............. that alone is enough to out-gun most young-guns.

You know how we hear "40 is the new 20", well, IMO, "SVB may be the new young-gun in pro pool".

One has to wonder how much longer he can sustain his level of play? I'm starting to wonder if SVB has even peaked yet?

When talking 10 ball, I'm not sure what to call him. Some say he is a Ten ball machine. I'm starting to think SVB is a another breed of Ten ball ROBOCOP.


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lol at one hole, shane only knows one move, 8 and out. Dennis does not have to like it giving Shane a ball.


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Please please folks. One pocket, or 1p, or capitalized...1P. 1 pocket, one P. OP, any f’n thing in the world besides “1 hole” or any variation thereof using the word Hole. It’s gross. And inaccurate as there aren’t any holes on a pool table. Though I suppose an actual hole dead center would make things very interesting.