Mcdermott Memorabilia, Cue maker business cards?


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Just like the title says. I'm always looking for Mcdermott items (not cues). the older the better.

MR (A) series brochure
old price list

old key chains
nick nacks
clothing items
posters (vintage tournament as well), advertising

Also, Like the title says, Cue maker business cards. Are you a collector, trader, have some just sitting in a box? Please keep in mind, I don't sell cards, I collect them, along with other cue maker memorabilia. Posters from shows, post cards, show shirts signed by multiple makers, etc.

Thanks all,

Pic is for attention. Part of my collection and NOT FOR SALE.


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still looking

always looking. Even around the holidays. Contact me, even if you want to wait until the holidays are over to work something out, reach out.


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Mcdermott Dealer Cue case

I have large black mcdermott Travel cue case i might be interested in
selling. Green velvet like interior.

Let me know if you might be interested.


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That is one of the coolest pieces I have seen

Glad you like it. Only one that is "known" of that is complete. I do know who has the other one "known" to exist, but its missing pieces. As of right now only 2 that has come out of hiding. hence using the word "known".

There was also a sheet of paper showing a sketch of this display, along with the price to purchase it through mcdermott as well. I also have that, but i acquired it way before i got the display itself. surprised it survived more than i am the display did lol.