Meet up in Las Vegas?

Andrew Manning

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I'm gonna be in Las Vegas with some time to kill tomorrow and Friday during the days. Anybody interested in shooting a few? Anybody have the latest intel on where to find good players to shoot with? I'll be staying on the Strip.


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Thanks for the tip. Can one generally find cheap daytime action?

I was there for Mosconi, so it was FULL all day. They do lots of tourneys.

Today, not sure. Check the website, for the tourneys.... I'm sure you'll find what your looking for.


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Archie Caras was there every day when I lived there last year, He was always looking for a game.

There's usually some guys hanging around - Ian Costello was in there a lot also.

Depends on how the Poker is going lol. GL

You might get to see some serious high$$$$ 1pckt