Meucci cue and George Case $120 shipped!


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Older Meucci cue. 21 OZ cue, does have the weight screw in it so it can be lightened up but it takes a little work to get the screw out lol.

Cue is in pretty good shape overall. There is a couple good scratches in the clear coat on the wrap. Pictures below show these. I bought the cue and was going to remove the finish but I just don't have time to mess with it.

The ferrule has scratches on it, seems that the previous owner applied more chalk to the ferrule than to the tip!

Cue rolls straight. NO I'm not saying its PERFECT. There is I guess what some call taper roll, but its minimal. Wouldn't make me think twice about playing with it, I've played with much worse.

George soft case. Zipper does not close about the last inch or so, but still a pretty decent case.

Selling both for $120 shipped in the continental USA. GREAT starter cue for someone or a project cue if someone wanted to try to work on the issues with the finish.

Use the Buy Now button below to purchase. If you try to use the button and it doesn't work that means someone already grabbed this great deal!

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