MGNIFICENT 6x12 snooker table setup for sale


I own an antique Brunswick Snooker Table with 100 year old quarter sawn oak, canadian cut pocket openings, heavyweight english snooker cloth, with 1 3/4" Pennsylvania ribbon slate. It also comes with a custom made snooker light that is approx. 4x9 ft in size and illuminates the entire table surface with no shadow. I am also including a restored oak wall score keeper, oak cue rack, and oak wall ball keeper. The whole set up is amazing. It has been valued at over $20,000.00.

I am now in a position of having to move to a much, much smaller home and there is no way that this table can come with me. I must move in four months and it must be sold by then or I will be dismantling it and paying for a storage unit. Not what I want to do so I am sacrificing this table and the custom light, and a restored score keeper, ball keeper for the wall, and oak cue rack, for $10,000.00, OBO.
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Yes there are. I need to get to my other computer in order to download them. Once I do, I will post them. It is beautiful and in pristine condition.

I'm not in the position to buy a table, but would also be interested to see pictures.