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  • This evening I wanted to look up how old is, and the easiest thing was to just log in again.

    Howdy! I'm probably behind on some tables updates.

    Any new tables to report?

    I think there's a new place in California with twelve footers.

    And there are now a few more tables near me. Hurray!
    Saw your FINDSNOOKER website.

    For Colorado, there are some changes:
    abitofbilliards is no longer in business.

    There is ONE 10' snooker table at each of these two Dave and Buster's:

    2000 S Colorado Blvd
    Denver, CO 80222
    Sun - Thu 11:00am - Midnight
    Fri - Sat 11:00am - 2:00am
    (303) 759-1515

    CO, Westminster
    10667 Westminster Blvd, Ste 100
    Westminster, CO 80020
    Sun - Thu 11:30am - Midnight
    Fri - Sat 11:30am - 1:00am
    (303) 438-1500

    Hope this helps.

    Do you know where duguy got his snooker table from? Looking to get a nice 12' table. Thanks.

    Hi Rethunk. I just read your post about some of the snooker tables you have visited. Of course, Chris's Billiards in Chicago is one of them.
    So you came to Chicago last year and didn't look up ACES Snooker Club? Don't make that mistake next time. We would love to have you stop by if you are ever in town again.
    The club is doing well. Just about anyone who knows the game of snooker in the Chicago area knows that we are here now. Some don't come often because of a long drive, but all know that the equipment is the best to be found in the area. We come up right at the top when you Google "snooker in Chicago". In fact, I have a visitor coming in this weekend from New York who found us on the web.
    Anyway, if you are ever out this way again, check us out.
    Thanks, it might have went over some heads... but with any luck it went through the middle somewhere ;)
    Humor is always welcomed in these posts... it makes them much more tolerable!
    Merry Christmas Rethunk! may the new year bring good tidings your way, you did snooker and poolhalls/rooms a good thing looking up all the ones that had snooker tables and posting it up for all to see.

    Hi, Laura from Maxamillians here, You seem pretty knowledgable about pool in the Merrimack Valley. I am thinking we must know each other.
    We are in the preliminary stages of starting a fall money league for elite (a/b/strong C) players. A league you must qualify for in order to be eligible to play, with strict rules for play and conduct. Using sardo racks, referees, the works. The game would be 8 ball but we are exploring formats. What do you think?
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