Mike Webb: Revo radial does not fit question

Michael Webb

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Problem with radial screws is they can create new threads. Cutting the pilot increases that chance .
It's just not a great screw anymore.
Any joint screw can have it's can of worms. If it wasn't for the effort of Cue makers the level of Bill Stroud and Paul Drexler and others alike. The radial may not have been as popular as it is. But as it stands, uni loc sold to Predator and remains One of Predators choices for a joint screw.
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Palmetto cue

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Thanks all. I did local cue repair years ago for a few years, that's why I have all the equipment still. But my Hightower lathe has been in pieces since I moved from PA to GA 10 years ago, I haven't turned it on once. I'm not in a position to modify the shaft at this time even though I have the taps. I also don't want to cut off the end of a tap with a cutoff wheel to make it a bottoming tap. I do recall those taps were quite expense when I bought them it must be 15 or more years ago now. I'll probably return the shaft and order another complete cue. Its so funny I had about 5 cues and none of them would work with the Revo. I want a 30" one, and they only come in unliloc and radial. Life goes on:)
I'm in SC if you want to take a ride. Wont take long.