My Brunswick Cue Day


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So yesterday my No.10 Purpleheart Butterfly cue was delivered (see here Butterfly cue). I was super happy with my find, and hope to here some feedback from anyone about it. I finished working and at the end of the day I got ready to meet my friends for Friday night dinner and some friendly games of pool after.
Then to my surprise as I was leaving I saw someone on Offerup had a couple of cues for sale. Almost flicked it away when I saw the cue was just a cheap Harvard graphite, but then I saw the other one. Didn't want to lose the opportunity so I agreed to meetup later that night. After a quick exchange in a public parking lot, the deal was done. Poor guy obviously had no idea what he had. He thought he was selling me the Harvard and was just throwing in the old cue just to get rid of it.

So in one day I got two pieces of history.

From what information I could find here and online this one is from around late 40s to early 50s.
Maybe I’ll leave it alone, but I have seen some really beautiful conversions here on AZB. Now I am curious if anyone can give me some advice on what the general cost and process is for a conversion of this cue?

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No. 10 Purplheart Butterfly and Willie Hoppe Professional Cue
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