My experience practicing at home

Charlie D

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I was home alone, And decided to practice on my table. Hit a few balls until I get sloppy.
I was hitting them pretty good, at least for me.
I am down on the shot went to stroke, and somebody grabbed my cue butt.
I believe everybody has that happened to them.
Thinking it was my son I turned around, and nobody was there. I mean nobody!
(Now I am getting old and feel I am in the winter of my life).
I thought could this be the angel of death, to escort me to my just rewards. I was actually looking at the corners , walls, all over my poolroom.
and a calmness and a sense of happiness came over me. THERE IS SOMETHING AFTER THIS LIFE!
But nothing showed, NOTHING.
I thought a lot about what happened, and was a little disappointed, that my happiness about the afterlife was short lived.
Fast forward, 2 weeks later same scenario .
Down on the shot , and something grabbed my cue butt,
I freeze
not moving a inch
I slowly turned my head and looked at the cue butt.
My butte was caught in the pocket of my sweater , same sweater I was wearing 2 weeks earlier
I thought what a Dumb ass.! Charlie D