My first 1st place with my new TS :D


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Won 1st place in a B & C class tournament here in Tokyo yesterday. What makes it special is, I won it with my new Tim Scruggs, which I never thought it would come so soon since I am pretty much a 314 guy and never been able to pot balls consistently with a normal shaft!

it was a race to 4 and in the Final, I was down 3-0 and come back to beat him 3-4!

here is the link of the website (sorry it is in Japanese). The first picture Pink T-shirt is me :)


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Congratulations on your win and that fine cue. I would have to say that Tim's cues consistently please me with both their beauty and playability. That being said, I have never owned one myself. For me, there is nothing that raises my confidence and overall level of play like a cue that suits me that I am proud of. Again, congrats. By the way, that website opened and even after waiting for it to completely load that pic never opened...Tom