My new Bludworth should be here tomorrow

Murray Tucker

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I'm by no means attempting to doubt you in any way but can I see a picture of that one. All three I have are black butts with the red dot. Thanks
I 100% built that cue. I gave it to him to play in some senior events many years ago when he was not building cues. After he passed a picture of it popped up and he had put his red dot in the butt cap. I can see that it has been re wrapped and the bumper was changed. Not sure if he kept my pin or changed that out as well.


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I don’t like the floating points, but I’m sure it’s a fine cue. As long as you like it that’s all that matters. Enjoy
You still in Austin bud , I’m coming down early next week for the Texas Open . Coming early to do some fishing 🎣 , if you are around and wanna play some let me know bud !!!


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Those 90s Bludworths played really, really good. Buddy Hall played jam up with one (and, any other cue he played with - let's keep it real). I had a purple heart sneaky pete and loved it. Got it from the best pool player in my area. It was his backup cue (to a Jerry Franklin SW), and he had great taste in cues.