My new Poison Cue

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Strychnine 5. Was delivered 30 minutes ago. Ya know, the one that I won on the last drawing.

I would say, The Coolness Factor Gauge is at the top of the dial. And with the new Predator 3 shaft.
Came in a nice one x two Poison Nylon case.

I have League tonight so it is going to get it's first work out at 7:30.

Thanks again, Jerry and Crew, I appreciate it.

I had a Poison Strychnine many moons ago. My wife got a hold of it and it got sold to a League player. It was one that I wished that I still had. Anyway, this one is a much better replacement. If this one plays half as good as it looks, I may just shoot a 40 tonight.

Predator tip looks decent also so looking forward to putting some chalk on it.
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Congratulations my friend ! Hope you play well and love its feel as much as its look :thumbup: Bring it to toon town when you come up for Westerns so I can watch its magic while you kick my ass around a table :cool:



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Congrats dude ! I'm still trying to even win a piece of chalk ! Let us know how it shot !

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Dave is a funny guy. He always beats me up at the table.

I found the Poison to have a nice feel. Weight forward, which I prefer, so just feels comfortable when stroking the ball.

The new 314 - 3 shaft felt very positive, lively. Not a dead hit at all. You hit the ball proper, it goes where you intended it to go. I made a few very thin slices with it last night, so it does it's job just fine.

Absolutely nothing wrong with the Predator tip either, I quite like it.

I only played 3 games last night as our opponents were missing a player, but looking forward to playing much more with it.