Name your superstitions... about what makes you play good or bad [for fun thread]


Most players I come across, or read about, have some form of superstitions about why they may play bad or play well.

Neil Robertson, had a thing about a pair of socks he won in once. So he tried to wear them all the time.

Some players have a lucky piece of chalk...

Recently, this weekend in fact, my team won our local league finals.
During the matches, I was just commentating watching my team mate and chatting with the other team mate and I said "He looks good on this, as long as he stuns it here".
My mate's reply "Don't jinx him!!!"....

He didn't stun and got out of position, my team mate blamed me for commentators curse!!
Ha ha..

Anyway, thought I'd ask the AZ community what your superstitions are as a player?
Some people really buy into this stuff!
Me, it is down to practice, effort, having a positive mindset = results.


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Beer makes me feel like I'm going to be lucky, then it all goes wrong. Very superstitious.
Did I do that right?😉

Honestly, the commentators curse happens to often to not be real.

<<< No lucky socks
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Maybe not a superstition, but a habit. I always carry two pieces of chalk with me. For the session, I pick the piece that seems to have the most mass, to keep the chalk wear even. Is that a superstition or a habit...

Anyhow, I think it's bad luck to be superstitious. :)


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Don't like to shoot if the light above the table is swinging on its chains. Happens a lot when the rack is hung on the end of the light.


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I have 4 pieces of taom chalk on my table rails at all times. But I have to use the piece that is closest to where my cue ball lands. Silly, but superstition could be considered part of a PSR 😂


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My break cue is always to the right of my playing cue; I always take my cues out of the case in the same sequence and put them back in the opposite sequence; my marker (when needed) is always in my right pocket; if I play exceptionally well wearing a particular pair of pants, I will wear them again the next time I play. There's more but I think you get the idea.

Let the mocking begin...

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All of my "good" cues have their own chalk dedicated to only that cue. I know because it's labeled on the bottom with the cue and my name. And because I like Blue Diamond and nefarious people try to take MY chalk. On another point years ago I got 12 pack of Silver Cup as a Christmas stocking stuffer. I would leave two or three pieces of SC on my table in the hope my questionable friends would pocket them. It's been 14 years now and that stuff is finally gone.