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I have a very nice Ned Morris cue for sale. It appears to be an older cue, but is in great shape. There are small nicks and dings in the buttcap and joint collars. You can feel the silver ringwork on some of the rings as well.I believe the white inlays and rings are Micarta.


Birdseye maple forearm and butt, nicely figured, Beautifully executed leather wrap.
Points appear to be walnut with natural and black veneers
Butt has 8 diamonds, maple and ebony, with what appears to be micarta inlays in the ebony diamonds.
Nickel silver and micarta rings in all locations.

Butt is 15.3 ounces, 3/8x10 pin, black phenolic joint collars, rolls straight
Shaft 1 is 4.0 ounces, 12.3mm, slight roll (ferrule never leaves table)
Shaft 2 is 3.95 ounces, 12.2mm, rolls straight.
Price is $OLD .

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Ned Morris makes one of the best playing cues I've ever felt in my life. Sincerely, a fine billiard instrument that can improve your game. So much feel, that the slightest touch could be felt resonating from tip to bumper. If you slam every ball in, it feels solid. If you finesse a shot, the cue fees like you flicked it with your own finger there's so much sensitivity.
Not all cues can hit like a freight train with wings on it. Lol.
Ned's do.