Need some opinions on this.


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I paid for a year of streaming from Ray at a tournament in july. I had my computer to crash a week or so ago and can't access my e-mail account, which I explained this to Ray, and I got on the stream chat and asked Ray for a password, which he wouldn't respond, so, I shot him a pm here and he responded giving me fridays password and telling me he couldn't give me anymore passwords except through the regular e-mail system he uses, after knowing of my e-mail issues. Why wouldn't he just give me the passwords for sat and sun when he gave me the password for friday while telling me he could no longer pm me any passwords? I know he can run his business anyway he wants but I think this is bad business and a bad way to treat customers. I find it sad that taking 30 seconds out of his time to give me a password on the stream chat was to much trouble for him. This has really bothered me, am I wrong?


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Possibly I am misunderstanding your issue, but if you have a computer with a working internet connection to watch the stream couldn't you also use it to access your email thereby having an avenue to resolve the issue?