Need stick I.D.


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Cue is old. It has been refinished. Six maple windows on rosewood
butt sleeve. 4 Rosewood points with 4 very sharp veneers.From the outside:
rosewood , maple, rosewood, maple. Brass pin. No ivory. Any ideas?


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The phenolic ring looks it has a white vinyl ring in it. And that makes me think of Viking. But its location on the lower bottom also reminds me of Mali cues that did that. However, that exact model design does not correspond to any standard cue model that I have any info for from either the Blue Books or any of my old cue catalogs for those cue brands. One other final suggestion is that it could possibly be a Rich cue. Those were sold by Imperial International and alot of them did not have any identifying marks on them. Thats the best I can suggest.


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China/Taiwan import cue, along the lines of Imperial, etc. Older one apparently.

On Ebay right now.
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