New 4 bridged points Cohen cue!


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22SBE1. 4 Point 4 veneer ebony into high figure birdseye maple cue with bridged points. Black, peacock, light blue and white veneer colors. Compound veneer dash deco ringsets at all positions. Elphoryn radial and slotted diamonds and dots inlays in point and in buttsleeve as a 4 pack with dots. Tomahawk joint sleeve, buttsleeve and ferrules. 2 shafts 13mm (3.85 oz.) with Kamui soft tips. Pin is 3/8-10. Black wild scotch leather wrap. Black Delrin joint protector set included. Weighs 19.07 with 19-1/4" balance and no weight bolt. Can accept a little weight if wanted. Cash (Zelle) price is $3,195.00 shipped in USA. Ship insure is $55.00.


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I own a Cohen And it is my main player. Hell I bought it from you sureman. I absolutely love it. I will definitely have Eddie build me one someday but for now I’m very happy with the one I bought from Don.