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  • Hi Don,I have an unchalked purple heart Jerry Franklin Southwest cue and cash to trade,please let me know If you are interested? SW picture has sent to your email.
    Best regards
    Charles Lin
    you have anything for sale? Looking to do some tradin or buying..

    I have Fellini cases, Justis cases, Josswest cue, Scruggs Cue
    Don please reply to my messages. Avoiding me will not really work. I am willing to work on a solution but you need to communicate for that to happen.
    Don - Please reply to my emails or PM's. I am not satisfied with our transaction and the way you left the negotiations. You owe me a reply at the very least.

    Thank you,
    Hi Don,

    I just wanted to say thanks for hooking me up with the Ed Prewitt Cue It plays great.

    I have done a couple of deals with Don and they have all been very smooth and fair.

    Thanks Don.

    Dan Myles
    I have known Don and dealt with Don for many many years. He has always treated me very fair. We have had many transactions and they all went off without any problems.
    I know Don to be very knowledgeable, and very fair to deal with. I have never had any
    problems Rick
    Don -

    I enjoyed meeting you at the Southern Cue and Case Show in Marietta. I just received the Certificate of Authenticity from Laurie Franklin for the South West that you got from Dan Zaitman. I called Dan to see if he wanted me to send him the letter or send it directly to you. Haven't heard back from him yet. Either way you should have the letter soon.

    Wish I could have gotten that Nitti from you. LOL!!!

    Bob Hoppmann
    thanks for the call the other nite, I love the site you put up, the music is great!!!!!!!!!
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