New billards room in Sarasota, Fla

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My Good friend Robert Hampton has opened a new pool hall in Sarasota Florida! Lake Osprey Billiards 6279 Lake Osprey blvd. Sarasota, Florida 34240 941-306-5886
9 new tables including 2- 9' Diamond pro,s, 2- Brunswick, And 5 Balley bar boxes.
Give Robert a call Looking for league players!:dance:


New Sarasota Pool room

I visited Lake Osprey Billiards yesterday and am happy to see a new room open in Sarasota which lacks a "Players" room of any sort until now. Owner, Robert, seems to be a pretty fair player himself and knows the player scene in Florida well. He seems interested in promoting the higher level players in his room but admits that later in the evening, the room is clearly a "Hangout" for the younger beer drinking social players. Of course the room is not real big and has only three 9 footer tables so I doubt it will become voted best new room, but Bob's interest in the game is a big asset. If we can get him to take better care of the equipment and provide a few more bridges, I will be there regularly. His Diamond Pro 9 footers had a very course "Samonis Knock Off" by Bob's admission, but they played ok but a little slow... Good Luck to Bob and his new venture.