New Bobby Hunter FULL-SPLICE!


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Bob Hunter weaves his magic into a perfect John Davis full-splice blank to produce just an incredible player. I received this cue from Bob about two months ago and have been using it ever since. Ebony buttsleeve and prongs into high figure birdseye maple nose with black, natural, black, natural veneers. Bob's signature silver rings at all spots, with a super kangaroo wrap. It has a half-inch ivory ferrule with Kamui S on my playing shaft and LBM ferrule with Triangle tip on the reserve shaft, joint is black phenolic with a 3/8x10 stainless steel pin and weighs 18.5 ounces. Photos don't do justice to this cue, some specks of dust and sun reflections look like finish issues but they're not. Bob's new shop should be ready soon, and he will be making his own full-splice cues. In the meantime, he flat knocked this one out of the park, seriously. Thanks Bob, I really appreciate your making this cue!


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some of the kids
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Thank you, it's really a sweet playing cue. I am weeding out cues now, and this is one of two I'll keep.