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  • Wishing you much joy today on your birthday!

    Thank you, Rayjay. AzBilliards Forum has too many multiple identities today. Mr. Wilson has pointed them out, yet they continue to exist and are not banned. I'm not sure why, since it is against the forum rules. There is no use contributing to a forum that allows this behavior. I will pop in, of course, every now and then to catch up on all the pool smut. ;) Other than that, because trolls and banned members posting seem to be allowed, it is not possible to enjoy this forum the way I once did. After my recent 30-day hiatus, I have finally realized what a waste of time it is to hang out here today. It isn't the same as it was when I first joined in 2004. I used to love this place but no more. Best to you always! :)
    Likewise Ray. I was over there yesterday and played a little. Nice place that's the 1st time I played on the Diamonds, tough pockets. My play wasn't pretty. :>(
    Hiya Ray. It's been a while.
    I was just (in a fit of financial self-delusion) shopping for Cognoscentis on this site.
    I've been out of work for over a year. Selling the car soon.
    Idaho is just gorgeous and the people are terrific. I've discovered a level of sane driving unknown in Albq.

    Hope that your job has panned out. Or I hope that it hasn't and that you're fine with that.
    Whattup Docs?
    Wifey OK?

    Mike mfmc@ida.net
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