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Hello. I'm Patrick. I live in Washington DC. I don't play too often anymore, but used to play pretty regularly. I started playing in the 90s in Newport News at Obelisk Billiards Club. It was a great place to play with loads of great people. In retrospect, I got to see and play with some of the greatest folks in the game there. Charlie Williams and I are about the same age (and that is where the similarities end), but I always enjoyed seeing him play at OBC. The Meedors (sp?), I also remember as a wonderful pool family. Anyway, it is great to find this forum. It reminds me of the old days.

My user name is kind of a joke. Lots of folks at OBC who could beat the tar out of the ghost.


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Im far from new. Its been a few years since I showed face here but recently picked up the cue again. Nice to see this place still rollin. Wanna say Ive been a member since 2005!

Down in Lafayette,Louisiana

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Hello all!

Glad I found this forum to learn about some different aspects of billiards and get reacquainted with playing. The first table my family had was an old Sears & Roebuck made of particle board. Had to play it like a putting green. Never helped my golf game, that's for sure.

My step-dad got us an Brunswick Anniversary back in 1990 that I am getting set up in my own home on Saturday. Bought my first pool cue (McDermott E series) in 1994. I still have it and need to send it off to McDermott to get it cleaned up and some repairs done. 20 years of bouncing around the world in my seabag didn't do it any favors. I have played with it recently and it's mostly cosmetic stuff. Plan to give it to my son someday. I did play in some leagues around Camp Lejeune back in the early 2000's. Just purchased my first custom cue (Jim Stacey) and am excited to get back to playing. Also looking forward to enjoying teaching my kids how to play. Hoping to get my skills back up to reasonable and get into some local tournaments here on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Watching and learning ....


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I am John in Colorado. I played pool through my teenage years in Indiana and then not until recently (50 years later). Two and one-half years ago I purchased a nice Gold Crown I knowing that I would be moving to a new home (looked for houses that could accomodate a full sized pool table). The table now sits in my rec room and I am back to playing.

I have been enjoying AZBilliards the last few years - helped me with the choice of a pool table and recently with the choice of my playing cue.
Where at in Colorado?


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Hi, I'm Brett. I'm buying a house that finally has a big enough game room for a pool table. Having a pool table has kind of been a bucket list item for me since I was a kid. I got all excited thinking I was going to have a 17x20 game room. Turns out it's really 17x16 then it steps down in width to 12ft with 2.5' corners sticking into the room at 16ft. I get 19' in length, not 20, but it doesn't matter at that point.

By my calculations, an 8ft table works, an oversize 8ft table works (46x92), but a 9' table, not so much with either a compromise to the protruding corners or the end rail at the other end. I'm "compromising" with my wife on the pool table. She swears I'll never play it and the room will be wasted. My plan is to buy a used table at a good price so that I can use it, and then if she's right, sell it in a year or two without losing my shirt on a new table.

We like the tournament style tables, most of those in 9' though. I see gold crowns, Gandy, and Olhausen grand champions, and other unidentified tables in the same style. So, a question. Would you rather have a 9' table that had an obstruction between the corner pocket and the corner in the room, or would you pick the best 8ft or 8ft+ you could find? Other than the three I mentioned, what would that be?

Second question, my wife wants the room to be "dual purpose" with a couch and TV. That's the real kicker. I can't see that working with anything other than a 7' table and even that would seem crowded by my calculations. That doesn't fill the bucket for me. So, "compromise?" and take the 7' table, possibly replacing it maybe a year later, or never if the "dual purpose" turns out to actually be real. I've lived in two other houses with smaller game rooms that never got used for anything. On the other hand, hold out 6mos to a year to demonstrate that the "dual purpose" doesn't exist, then get what I want? Women! Thanks for playing. Nice to meet you guys.!


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Not new, but haven't visited for quite some time. Looking to see what's new on here and update my profile as my inventory has definitely changed.


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Hello fellow players! I'm new and just wanted to say hello. I've been playing pool for over 40 years and finally purchased my own table so I've got renewed interest in the sport. I'm from Indiana and hope to learn and help others on here if possible. I started playing as a kid on my dads table. My dad was the best player I've ever known and I'm hoping to pass along the love of the game to my teenage son!


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New old guy here,been playing pool since I was a kid but never seriously until I was about 30. 31 years later I'm still learning how to play.
8 ball on a diamond bar box is my favorite game. Ariel Carmelli made my daily shooter.


Semi-retired last summer shortly after my 50th birthday. Started looking for a house I will die in. One of the must haves was a pool table. Found a house with a large rec room that will fit a 9' pool table as well as a 12' snooker table. Have a couple of Gold Crowns being refinished for delivery the week of closing at the new house. Can't wait to spend some serious time with the new to me tables.

MN Kid

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Not new, but have not posted here in 4 or 5 years. Still living in Mankato, MN and playing on my Kling I refurbished a while ago. It still plays great but I see a new cloth in it's future soon. I've also got that new cue itch again 😄

Shoot straight friends,
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My name is Vince from Stuart, Florida. I'm in my late 30s and am just getting back in the game after not playing since I was a teen. I'm jumping head first back into the game. I just picked up a Brunswick Gold Crown III and have a set of Aramith Tournament balls coming.
Hello this is Dupree. I'm from Shreveport LA, cut my teeth in NOLA and ended up in KCMO. I currently reside in Mountain View CA where I shoot out of 946 and Lucky Shots. I have a strange fascination with maps and I'm the father of a 9 year old boy. Raising a child is the most fun I've ever had. When I download new software, the software accepts my conditions and terms.

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New here?
Introduce yourself, tell us where you hail from and a bit about yourself.
Keith Thompson here!

Just turned 70 this past weekend. Left home before my fifteenth birthday and raised myself in pools rooms until 18.5 yrs old.

Played a lot of the great players from the late sixties.
Greg Stevens
Luther Lassiter
Ronnie Allen
Buddy Hall
John “Duke” Dowell
Freddy the Beard
Boston Shorty
Cole Dickson
Tall Jeff Sparks
Erving Crane
Grady Mathews
Hawaiian Brian
Jimmy Marino
Jimmy Fusco
Blackie Leseur
Bill “Weenie Bernie” Stanton
Joey Speith
Larry Liscotti
Many more

Won the 9 ball division in 1970 Johnston city and played Ronnie Allen and Wimpy Lassiter in an all day marathon for all around world title, it wasn’t a cakewalk!

Played the Stardust tournament in 1972 in Vegas, I was 19 yrs old, placed 3rd in the one pocket division and quit playing at that time. One hole was my best game but I played very strong 9 ball also.

Also played 14-1 pretty decent along with 3 cushion and snooker.


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Basically new. Played a lot in the late 90’s and to late 2000’s. Then found more money in poker and that killed most of my playing.

Then decided to actually get a real job. Now I’m in Texas with a job and another business.

Starting to play again. But everything is completely different as far as cues/equipment. So, seems I’ll be learning a ton like it’s all new. Pretty cool stuff.


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Hello everyone, Ernesto here. I'm from Indonesia, got interested in pool since my dad taught me in primary school. Now almost 50 y.o., and still in love with the game. Had to stop playing about 6-7 years ago due to an accident that injured my dominant eye. Moved job end of last year, and my new office have a 9 ft table 😁
So I decided to try playing again - dusted off the old cues, got a new shaft, and starting to learn to aim & stroke without depending too much on my dominant eye. Still working on it, but slowly found a way to overcome this. Now just got to remember all the basics, hopefully can get better soon. Sad that my game's gone way down, but excited about learning again!
Happy to be a member here - so much info, knowledge and new stuffs on pool to find out about (y)


Hi Everyone! Samantha Shaw here, from Vegas. Started playing snooker in my younger days, then moved to pool. After a very long hiatus, started playing again in 2017 when I joined an APA League. Currently play a BCA league, any tournaments that may happen here, and spend time practicing. Current WMDs - Cuetec Cynergy SVB playing cue. Cuetec WCT break cue, Predator Air2 Ice jump cue. Work in IT (at least for now).
Happy to join this group, and look forward to being enlightened!


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My name is Dan Flemming from Lake City, Florida.
I'm known as The Blind Squirrel.

I was a Steel & Misc. Detailer since '96, now retired.

I shoot pretty good, and love the game.
I play everyday at home (mostly play 15 ball rotation like 10 ball).
I also play The Ghost races to 11, 9 ball (every now & then I play races to 7).

I started playing pool in High Springs Fl. at Red's Pool Hall back in the 60's (no longer there).
Played Snooker for 3 years before trying 9 ball (9 ball was too easy).
I mostly play 8, 9 & 10 ball now.
I love 10 ball, but NOT "slop" 10 ball like all these tournaments in Fl these days, so I don't play in them.

I'm an inventor of 25 unique billiards products (most are already prototypes, awaiting "money" investor's to continue).
I've already wrote my website, created the shopping cart, and trying to get my T-Shirt designer working (bought one, can't get it to work, gave up on it).
I bought a 3D printer to create prototypes of my products (modeled & printed them).
I have 315 of my inventions I carry with me when I go to shoot pool (many are color variations of a few products).

I'm also a newbie at write Android Cell Phone Apps for pool.
I have 3 working apps (50+ others I wrote to help learn what was needed for those 3).

One is about ready for Google Play (just need the rules for Ring Games to finish up).
2 others are still in development (freak'n hard to write being a newbie).

Hello everybody!


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Hey, Lu from London England.

Younger then most here perhaps at 26 and caught the bug a number of years back at uni going from English to American and bit of snooker.

Might be heading to world cup of pool next week so shout if you'll be there to grab a pint!

Been looking at the forum for a little while but happy to join as a member!