New Old style cue coming out of shop . Sold .

Jim Baxter

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Here is one someone can pick and choise how its finally put togather . Cue is Available for sale

Cue Is available. with 2 maple shafts , Keilwood shaft and matching joint Protectors .




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So if I read this thread correctly, this cue is available and the buyer can decide about joint style,
wrap or wrapless, ferrules and tip? Can the buyer specify the shaft size & will there be only one?

Sometimes it helps a interested buyer to visually imagine this cue if they knew more information
such as veneer colors and points. Any way of controlling the final cue weight a buyer might want?

This is a great chance to get a dandy of a cue completed fast versus starting out from scratch. If
you have been thinking of an early present from Santa, here’s a nifty idea for you or your partner.