New Schmelke


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Cocobola pete...wood to wood joint....kamui soft tip....hard to imagine how any cue could feel better....hits the balls great ..... $150....thx for the advice
Best customer service you could ask for....produced exactly what they promised 3 days early.....great company!


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Go Schmelke. Top cue is 59" (29.5 each half.) Shaft is 13.25mm
Bottom 58.5 butt being 29.5 .....standard shaft but has a Uniloc for the Predator 314-2


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Nice, mine will be bocote with a hoppie ring, white/brown linen wrap, and a 5/16x14 piloted steel joint. Not one of their standard joint options but I asked and they said they could do one for me. I'm excited to see how it turns out.


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Post some Pics. You can't go wrong with a Schmelke. I was playing with mine the other night, and someone asked me about my cue and where I got it. I think he was assuming I must play with some very expensive cue.

I told him it was $99 from Schmelke. He was kind of surprised. I said, it's straight, has a good tip, and made in Wisconsin. Not sure what else you need unless you like LD shafts (which my Schmelke has), but then it's gonna be a few hundo more, and you're good to go. It was too "muggy" to play with my OB sneaky Pete, the schmelke has a wrap !!


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Boy I read threads about Schmelke like every two weeks and they are all the same....great hit, looks great, quality construction...ect. It's time for me to stop procrastinating and get one.

Ordering mine tomorrow.


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60" ebony full splice I picked up a few weeks ago. Cue on the far right. The others have stayed in the case since then. Damn thing plays man! And it's for saleimage.jpg



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Can someone send me the link for the 60 inch cue ? I am tall so I am looking for something like the one you guys are talking about it.


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I love Schmelke's cues. I have 2 of them from 1975 that I had refinished by Schmelke and a 3rd one I bought about 5 years ago which is now my daily player. The price is right on these cues.


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I plan on ordering one in the near future, already got a quote for the cue I want to have them build.. I just can't decide on the veneer colors I want.