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  • As the Life of Brian argued, "Always look... on the bright side... of life!" Even as Brian was being crucified. LOL!
    Appreciate the green! Dehydrated water has always tickled me as a concept. I was just lucky to find a picture of it on the web.

    My best to you and yours,

    Wishing you a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!

    I hope your last is as grand as your first....I applaud anyone who actually gets to enjoy their "golden years" in this day and age, my friend.....Enjoy.
    You're welcome....I like that name Fancy....She must have been a character to have earned that title.
    Oh, man, that is great news to have a little extra jingle in the pocket.

    I'm right behind you. I've got a few more years. I hope they still have some in the Social Security funds left for me. LOL
    Happy Birthday to you. Hope all your balls fall in the pockets in the coming years. Enjoy today to the fullest and dance like you've never danced before.

    U.J Puckett always called me little brother, because I was Country Calvin's younger brother, one night in Hot Springs, AR. during the horse racing season in a night club he called me over to his table, I jumped right over, he had two of the hottest babes arm N arm I ever seen, bought me a drink and he told me several stories of his hustlin days, and the quote " If I could cut a 9-Ball as thin as this bacon on my plate, I would be World Champion!" referring to what he told the waitress earlier that morning during breakfast, this was back in the springtime , 1984

    David Harcrow
    Wow! That's different. You should see if he could do something like that for you with a Chicago White Sox theme! Tons of ivory, ebony, don't even want to know what that kind of work goes for...
    It took me a couple of weeks to get over losing my friend.....Cassie Girl.....but I'm feeling better everyday....thanks for asking...
    Things are fantastic in my world, Joey. Just got engaged to be married yesterday. She's my one and only. Getting close to retirement. My beer fridge, wine coolers and cigar humidors are all full... and I have a 9' Diamond Pro Am in my refinished garage. Life is good, brother. :)
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