New World 3-C Record - Courtesy Bert van Manen

G Earl

G Earl
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Eddy Merckx set a new world record for best match today. The old record (50 in 9 innings) was held by Blomdahl, Caudron and Zanetti.

Merckx played for Duisburg in the German Bundesliga, against In Won Kang, and made 50 pts in 6 innings. His opponent had 6 pts.

Here’s EM ‘s score sheet: 4 – 9 – 26 – 7 – 0 – 4.
These numbers may well be in the books for many years.

Bert van Manen

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Dolley and Django
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Holy moly. 42 points in three innings is crazy.

The only better performance in even a practice game is Sang Lee's 50 in 4 innings as far as I know.