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Another is Anytime Billiards in Jacksonville,, about 16 tables, really good food, and a well run 9 ball tournament on Monday,,,, yes, Monday nights.

This is my home room and I absolutely love it... Plenty of space between tables, ample seating for spectators and as Renegade said, a very well run 9 ball tourney on mondays.. Last I heard they were attempting to pull together an 8 ball tourney as well but I'm not sure how that came together or not as I deployed back to afghanistan shortly after they started planning. Plenty of action to be had on mondays after the tourney as well.


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Buck's Billiards - Raleigh, NC

BUCK'S BILLIARDS & SPORTS BAR. Raleigh's best entertainment destination offering an upscale pool hall and sports bar with fun, food and spirits all under one roof.
Buck's Billiards
1102 Buck Jones Road
Raleigh, NC 27606
Business Hours
Mon-Thurs: 2pm-1am
Fri: 2pm-2am
Saturday: 11am-2am
Sunday: 11am-11pm


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Not sure if anyone has posted this but Speakeasy Billiards in Sanford NC has closed it's doors. I was playing at The Brass Tap two weeks ago and was thinking of heading down to Sanford when several local players I know told me. Sorry Jimmy had to close he was a good room owner.

Keith E.

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Brass Tap in Raleigh, still a good place with great staff

Dot's in Rocky Mount, open under new mgmt. Wed & Fri night 9-ball tournaments w/ $200 added



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Chandleys Chalk and Cue
FB link...

Chandleys Chalk and Cue Tournament Room!
1415 Wilkesboro Hwy, Statesville, NC 28625
(980) 635-1109

Hours of Operation (10-25-2015)
Kitchen and Bar will now open at 5pm Monday –Friday
Saturday and Sunday Kitchen and bar will open at 12pm
Pool Room will be open 10am-2am Monday – Thursday. Friday we will open at 10am we will remain open until 2 am Monday morning. Still 24-hour pool room on the weekends.

Largest Diamond room in the country, with all new Blue labels... 7's, 9's and a 10ft available. Great food- helpful staff, $4/h/p table rate, Prorated monthly memberships and senior discounts as well. Multiple weekly tournaments and larger events every month. Leagues (adult and junior) as well.

Make the trip to see what a "Pool Tournament Room" should be about in the 21st century. They're also taking reservations now for your regional/ national event finals. (Call Mike Chandley)

A Pool players pool room here. :smile:


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BreakTime in Wilmington...

Unfortunately, this room is overrated. Formerly one of the best action/tournament rooms in the Eastern US, the owner over the last 10 years has let the equipment suffer.

Eight 9 foot diamonds, 2 are PBT Edition red labels, tables rarely get recovered, never get leveled, and are in SORE need of new rubber and new pockets. The Brunswick Centennial ball sets are mismatched, with odd balls mixed in. Tables are filthy and desperately need reconditioned.

The sixteen 7 foot Diamond coin tables are owned by Southland Amusements and are also sorely neglected. Balls (also cheap, mismatched sets) hang up frequently. Bad rolls everywhere. Tables look great from a distance, but play ... Poorly.

The room itself is clean and nice. They serve great food and reasonably good service from the staff, though the staff is not knowledgeable about pool and billiard games. They have in-house, APA, and VNEA leagues.

New owners haven't taken over management duties yet (I think maybe Jan 1), so maybe things will improve. Currently there's a Friday 8 PM, double elimination, $10 entry race to one, 8 ball tourney (7 footers), and a $15 entry single elimination, race to handicap 9 ball on Saturday at 1 PM (9 footers).
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Chandleys Chalk and Cue


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Looks like I'll be in Asheville for a few days in early December. I'll have to check out a few places


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Was loving Smokin' Cue until............. I saw that kid in your pic with the dallas shirt!! lol
Was there in April. REALLY nice room!

Yeah and Jeff Abernathy in the background . white hat backwards and white T-shirt ..... Wow.... What a peach he is !


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Colonial cues, elizabeth city nc, small 4 table room that is home of the great dismal swamp 9 ball classic each october.


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Rooms in NC

Do check out The GoPlayPool App.
All rooms listed with table info, count, brand, tournaments and leagues availability and much more...
Add/edit if needed! :)
Have a great day folks!


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Feel free to add rooms and pics ....

First UP Smokin Cue
10901 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, North Carolina 28213

9 ft -- Diamonds, Gold Crowns and Anniversaries

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I just got back from a trip to the Asheville area of NC and went to Fat Cat's. I thought it was a great place. Lots of classic Brunswick tables of various sizes and the felt was in pretty good shape on most of them. Reasonable rates for hourly play, friendly staff. I would go again. I didn't take photos but they have a Facebook page.