Now I finally have a lathe....what tools for tips?

Kim Bye

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Some sort of collet in the back, so the shaft spins true.
Make som delrin collets to protect the shaft from the chuck jaws.
You need a sharp parting tool and a right hand cutting tool to face off the ferrule.
Make some cue tip holders from delrin so you can mount the tip holder in your tailstock and get a perfect alignment between ferrule and the tip.
Dont have the shaft sticking out as much as it does in the video, you can see the shaft flex from the preassure...
You need sandpapers, a flat surface to sand the backside of the tip (I use a piece of marble)
A good superglue (loctite 401 is great)
A kicker
And buy a nickle/dime shape template, so you get the right shape every time.
Disposable razor blades (1 blade - 1 tip)
Liquid burnishing wax, so the tip looks shiny and nice.
And a good polish for the ferrule,I like 3M products.


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Cueman made a comment recently about razors for trimming tip to size; he recommended that I use Lenox titanium razor blades. These are very sharp and have eliminated any slight delamination problems I had. I can get them locally at Lowe's but you may have to find them online if not available locally. Hope this helps.


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If you are tight on funds you can make a v-block stand and put some very soft carpet on it for the shaft to ride on. make it about 12 to 24" long so it supports the shaft. Build it to the height you need mount is so it wont move and you are off cost about five bucks. Or you can go to Chris and he will have everything you will need to be on your way.
The best advice you will ever get. Rule number one -Take your time it's not a race. Rule number two you start rushing faster than a pace you are comfortable working at. GO BACK TO RULE NUMBER ONE.
You will get comfortable doing the work and you will have fun at it. You push yourself to hard and it will become a job you hate.
None and I mean none of these cue makers, builders and repairmen didn't learn this over night.
There were a lot of mistakes made along the way by all.
If you can start on house cues doing ferrules and tips. If you mess up a house cue you are out fifteen bucks and you will have learned what not to do in the future.
Good luck in your new adventure hope you do well.
Don't ever fear asking for help. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask.
Remember when in doubt go back to Rule Number One.