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  • Afternoon-I would like to order 6 medium blacks, 2 ivory mediums, and 2 fire mediums-My paypal is and my shipping address is Bill Dutton PO Box 54 Freeman Va 23856-If I need to do anything else just let me know- thanks Bill
    Good afternoon Tom,

    I would like to order 10 of the soft Ivory tips. I don't do Paypal and would like to pay for them by check or money order. I ordered some SIB tips from you in 2016 and paid by check. If that is OK with you please provide me with the correct mailing address to send the payment.


    Al Muccilli
    Hey Tom, can I know if you ship tips in Canada for 10 and more and how I proceed?
    Thank You!
    Tom, been awhile...I need 3 ea of your ultra skin and also 3 ea of your new SIB. email with amount and paypal address. Thx
    i need tips for 100 dollar plus shipping.
    How many tips become for this money?
    Best regards Jan
    from germany
    Tom I need 10-20 tips can u contact me . Trial order but I love them and know others will allow me to order larger quantity 904-699-0111
    Hello tom this is kevin joiner 219 jonathan way murfreesboro tn 37127. I was wondering if you have shipped my 15 tips yet? Thanks kj
    Hello Tom, I paid for the 15 tips earlier today, could you please send me a message when you ship them? Thanks kj
    hello tom, i need 15 ultra skin tips, i need 8 med, 3 hard and 4 soft. I will pay you through pay-pal today. It will be 37.50 and 2.50 shipping for a total of 40 dollars. Thanks kj
    Not as of yet. Hope I am doing this right, not used to answering on visitors part, sorry
    Charles bobo
    231 bobo place
    Inman, sec

    Did you get my order and check?
    I was wanting to know which one of your tips play like the Kamui Black Super Soft. I was thinking your Super Soft also. I see you also have a Pro. How does it play vs your SS or Soft. Thanks. Michael
    Hi Tom, I need 25 ultraskin Pro tips, can you send an invoice to
    Hi tom a few months back I bought some tips from you and so far I've only tried the pro soft and its amazing but I did not see the very soft can you give an idea of how it shoots and holds up compared to the pro.I'm getting ready to buy more for fellow shooters.I'm getting everyone off the kamui train lol.
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