OB Classic XL as break shaft


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Hi. Can the OB Classic XL be used as a break shaft? Does anybody know if there is an "OB Classic Break" in the pipeline?

I understand OB has a dedicated break shaft, I just like the hit of the "classic" versions better.
Also, I find it quite interesting that, as per web specs, the XL is 13,2mm but considered a playing shaft while the OB Break is 13mm and considered a break shaft. :confused: Maybe the tapers are very different?

I am curious since I recently got an OB Classic Pro (11.75mm) and I am really liking it in terms of hit and playability.



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The XL is not a break shaft.
I looked into that shaft maybe 6 months or so ago.
All I ever got was that it was a OB Classic but 13.2 mm at the tip. Just bigger.

If Royce sees this maybe he can explain more.
I could never find any additional information when I looked some six months ago.

Kaiser Bob

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I wonder what an OB Break shaft with a phenolic tip would feel like, for some reason I'm thinking awesome...