Official Photos from the 2013 World 14.1 Hall of Fame Banquet


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Great pics, Charlie. It was definitely an enjoyable evening.


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I cannot describe how wonderful it was to see the pictures of the Hall of Fame Banquet.

Especially, Oliver Ortmann.

His induction to the Hall of Fame is well deserved.

In 1986,as a 19 yr. old player, he ran 192 balls at a tournament in Karlsruhe, Germany.

I was there, and afterwards I spoke to Oliver and encouraged him to come to the US to compete against the best. I told him he would be a World Champion, he had the talent. He had the most pure eye for straight pool I had seen in years.

Afterwards, in Pool and Billiard Magazine, I wrote an article under Pool Line Germany describing the event, and there predicted he would one day be World Champion.

Years later I was talking to Steve Mizerak, and told him the story. In Steve's usual deadpan manner he said,"So you're the guy responsible for me losing the Championship."

I was also pleased to see that his friend and competitor Ralf Eckert was there to congratulate him. I had also written a few articles about his accomplishments. Unfortunately, I did not see Ralf Souquet there.

Congratulations Oliver. Good Luck in the Tournament!

Thanks again for the pictures.