Old timers...tell me about The Miz


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SpiderWebComm said:

Good to see you on here! Here's a real quick story with your dad I thought I'd share with you...

Back in the early '90's, I was JUST starting to play pool. I would steal money out of my dad's wallet (I was 13 or 14 at the time, flat broke and a punk) just to ride my bike miles to a local bowling alley that had a few pool tables. I would hang there until my time was up and ride home. Dad learned I was doing this to get better at something... and there are worse things to do, I guess.

At that time, my dad went somewhere in the mid-west for a business trip. After checking into a Holiday Inn (or something like that), he came down to the hotel bar for a beer to relax after a long flight. When he looked around, there were a bunch of pool tables setup in the conference center so he went to check it out. When he entered, he all-but ran into your dad. My dad knows nothing about pool, but he recognized your dad from TV.

My dad says, "Are you Steve Mizerak?"

"Yes I am!" he said enthusiastically.

They started a conversation and before you know it your dad invited my dad to play a game or two. The next thing you know your father invited my dad out to dinner (along with Nick Varner and a bunch of other best-in-the-world players). As they were having dinner, my dad told everyone his son was just starting to play pool, taking money from his office in secret to play... as well as other things young pool players do at that age. Apparently, everyone thought it was entertaining. Steve says, "Bob, I'm gonna make your sons day... check this out...."

Steve took a Camel Pro 9-ball (the one with the camel instead of the "9") and had everyone at the table sign it... and went to a few other players to have them sign it. He had a waiter put it in a plastic bag so it wouldn't smear and gave it to my dad. "Tell your son this is from the Miz."


My dad comes home and gives it to me and I look at it....

Steve Mizerak
Rodolfo Luat
Nick Varner
Efren Reyes
Danny Harriman (who I didn't know at the time, but thank god he was on it)
... and a few others.

Needless to say, I sh*t a brick the size of the Empire State Building. It was the best gift in the galaxy as far as I was concerned. My dad felt like a million bucks when I was bouncing off the walls.

Fast forward to today.... I still have that ball on my mantle at home, protected by plastic. ALL BECAUSE YOUR DAD WENT OUT OF HIS WAY FOR A TOTAL STRANGER! :) I'll never forget that.


Now THAT is a nice story indeed!