Omega DPK

Mr Hoppe

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This cue was an outstanding find, as an original, and unfinished Omega DPK blank! Click here for more info and this cue is for sale.
Mr H





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I just wanted to weigh in to say what a delight is was for me to partner with Rick and Troy on this Omega Project. All of the banks I inspected and have worked on ran perfectly straight between centers in my lathe which is a tribute to the workmanship that came out of the Omega Shop. They all had a seal coat on them and considering that these blanks are at least 15-16 years old I was impressed how they held the taper geometry perfectly over the years. These cues are what I consider a Lost Treasure and a real piece history in our cue world. Since Mr. Hoppe has placed the Ebay listing I have been overwhelmed with phone calls concerning these babies. While I don't mind talking to anyone who is interested in info, I would prefer that any questions be addressed to my email If you want to talk, please leave me a cell number and the best time to recontact you. Thanks, Darrin
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